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Business Backs Education -- EPG
Business Backs Education Report launch

This report was published on 14 January 2015, ahead of the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, to raise awareness of the Business Backs Education campaign, launched by the Varkey Foundation in partnership with Dubai Cares and UNESCO. The campaign was launched at the…

Social Enterprise
Social Return On Investment (SROI): Three technical challenges

EPG's Managing Director co-authored this paper for the Social Enterprise Journal. The purpose of this article is to explore three technical challenges and misconceptions involved in measuring social return on investment (SROI). Although there is considerable information available about the conceptual framework of SROI, its…

Indian Higher Education Supriyo Chaudhuri
The Making of Indian Higher Education

This report surveys the Indian higher education landscape and argues the need for a shift in thinking. The current system seeks to create a ‘privileged class’ and sustains a bureaucratic state. It should, however, promote prosperity for all and be capable of enabling a modern…

Hub Kings Cross
Social impact report – Hub King’s Cross

Impact Hub King’s Cross presents here it’s first snap shot impact report, marking the organisation’s 5th anniversary and the evolution of the HUB network to Impact Hub network. The launch of this new name gives us an opportunity to reconnect as a global movement –…

EPG Spotlight – Challenges and misconceptions with SROI

There is increasing pressure for providers of public services to evidence the social impact they are having. The application of SROI is a relatively young discipline, often not well understood by the third sector. There is considerable variability in how SROI is applied, which makes…

Hand drawing business strategy concepts with chalk
EPG Spotlight – Discounting in public policy: Deconstruction of the Social Rate of Time Preference.

In public policy investments, costs are often incurred in the short-term, with benefits accruing in the longer term. Whether a project is worth doing, or government action is justified, depends on the balance of these costs and benefits, in present value terms. This article deconstructs…

EPG Spotlight – Interest calculations in arbitration judgements

The consideration of interest in damages awards may form a significant amount of the overall award. It typically occurs towards the end of the process of preparing pleadings. This article reviews the rationale for paying interest and briefly outlines the different approaches to calculating it.

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EPG Spotlight – Regulatory challenges in developing shale gas

Supporting the naissance of the US shale gas industry is the regulatory environment for exploration and production, which is more developed than in the UK. This article looks at the differences between the regulatory regimes and identifies opportunities for development for the British regime.

Sewa Day
An economic analysis of the social value generated by Sewa Day

Sewa Day is an annual day of social action, which occurred last on 25 September in 2011. For benefactors of Sewa Day 2011, the main consideration is whether this is viable and provides sustainable net betterment for society. This study calculates a social return on…


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