Better Boards Breakfast Series


Better Boards Breakfast Series

London 18 Jun 2019

The Art and Science of Creating More Effective Boards: Creating Value With Board Evaluations

Have you ever wondered if there is a different approach to conducting board evaluations? Do you wish to provide the members of your board with insights that help them to become more impactful in the boardroom? Do you wish to provide your Chairperson with data that help him/her to understand what characteristics any new members should bring to the table to best complement the existing team? Do you wish to contribute to bringing governance to life?

If answer at least two questions with Yes, it is worth your while to join us for an exclusive breakfast event under Chatham House rules.

This exclusive breakfast event provides you with insights into:

  • the status of research of effective boards;
  • how the new guide for boards that places greater emphasis on behaviour and culture can be brought to life;
  • the levers board members can pull to increase their impact in the boardroom;
  • what boards can do collectively to become more effective; and
  • a research-driven and evidence-based approach for conducting Board Evaluations.

Want to attend, but can’t make the date? We organise these sessions regularly, with a few more coming up. Just email us and let us know – we’ll keep you in the loop for future sessions.

When: Arrivals from 8am, session runs 8:30 – 10am, Tuesday 18th June 2019

Where: Zetter Townhouse, 49-50 St John’s Square, London EC1V 4JJ (closest tube stations: Barbican, Farringdon)

Who: 10-15 GCs and Company Secretaries

This session is led by Dr Sabine Dembkowski from Better Boards, an independent consultancy specialised in developing Boards, Executive Committees and Executives that work with boards and/or aspire to a board position. Sabine is credited with having identified the seven hallmarks of effective boards and for having developed an innovative online tool that takes Board Evaluations to the next level. Her approach to conducting board evaluations is at present the only one that is based on academic research, peer-reviewed and published in the US, UK and across Europe.


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