Conducting Board Evaluations


Conducting Board Evaluations

London 27 Jun 2023

The Art and Science of Creating More Effective Boards: Creating Value With Board Evaluations

Have you ever wondered if there is a different approach to conducting board evaluations? Do you wish to provide the members of your board with insights that help them to become more impactful in the boardroom? Do you wish to provide your Chairperson with data that help him/her to understand what characteristics any new members should bring to the table to best complement the existing team? Do you wish to contribute to bringing governance to life?

If you answer at least two of these questions with Yes, it is worth your while to join us for an exclusive event series under Chatham House rules.

This exclusive series of events provides you with insights into:

  • the status of research of effective boards;
  • how the new guide for boards that places greater emphasis on behaviour and culture can be brought to life;
  • the levers board members can pull to increase their impact in the boardroom;
  • what boards can do collectively to become more effective; and
  • a research-driven and evidence-based approach for conducting Board Evaluations.

Upcoming session dates

You can book any of the following sessions by clicking on the relevant link below, or emailing Emily at

Wed 29 March Past event

Tues 27 JuneRegister here

Wed 27 SeptemberRegister here

Tues 28 NovemberRegister here

Timing: 1.5 hours

Where: The Office Group, 2 Stephen Street, Fitzrovia London, W1T 1AN (closest tube station: Tottenham Court Road)

Who: 10-15 Board Chairs, NEDs, Company Secretaries

The session will be led by Dr Sabine Dembkowski from Better Boards. Better Boards is an independent consultancy specialised in developing Boards, Executive Committees and Executives that work with boards and/or aspire to a board position. To find our more about Sabine, check out her bio below.

About Dr Sabine Dembkowski

About Dr Sabine Dembkowski

Dr Sabine Dembkowski the Founder and Managing Partner of Better Boards. She is a trusted board advisor who has worked with and alongside companies listed on the FTSE and DAX, global organisations and leading Private Equity and Professional Service firms. Her research into board effectiveness has been peer-reviewed and published internationally.

With a PhD in business management Dr Sabine has established two successful businesses, The Coaching Centre and Better Boards. Alongside her academic qualifications and business acumen, Sabine is also a trained Executive Coach and certified to perform a wide range of psychometric tests.

In her own words she is “Driven by a passion to get down to the nuts and bolts and create real, long-lasting change in organisations”

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