Education Innovation could mean something different for an educator, a technologist, a corporate and for students. In this constantly evolving sector, we must find ways to accommodate changes in institutional demands, demographics, technology, student needs, pedagogical trends, political pressures, employability and other challenges.

If the robots are coming to change the nature of the world of work, how can the education sector respond? How can the sector today help create a workforce that can do tomorrow’s job? Is edtech the answer or just part of it? Are public sector education instutitions adequately equipped to respond to change? Where the opportunities for foreign collaboration, particularly with emerging markets?


Join EPG and the University of London discuss these ideas at the Education Innovation Conference (EIC2018) on 23rd January 2018.

The last two years of the EIC have seen major delegations of Vice Chancellors, skills providers, leading public policy thinkers, edtech companies and investors from around the world attending to discuss collaboration in this area.

This year’s conference will attract 200 attendees from around the world.

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