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Education Innovation Conference 2017 – India Chapter


EPG, in association with EduGild, explores a new movement in Education which combines academic education with practical learning, and traditional teaching with new technologies at the first ever Education Innovation Conference in India, in July 2017.

Previous editions of EIC have facilitated innovative global partnerships between educators, technologists and business leaders to help drive global education forward. Past delegates have comprised of Eminent Educators, Policymakers, EdTech startups and Investors from across Europe, the US, Africa and India.

Education Innovation could mean something different for an educator, a technologist, a corporate and for students. In this constantly evolving sector, we must find ways to accommodate changes in institutional demands, demographics, technology, student needs, pedagogical trends, political pressures, employability and other challenges.

Some of the topics we will discuss are:
 The global education technology landscape – and can it overcome educational inequality?
 Employment, Employability and Higher Education in India – The Missing Links
 Educating Generation Z – Let Them Colour Outside the Lines
 Power Shift – Students/Employees as Consumers
 From Print to Digital and Learning Science: The challenge for educators
 Investments and M&A trends in Education and Edtech

Join the conversation at #eic2017pune @epg_london.

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