Experts: Indian schools must adopt gamification to make learning fun

Gamified education is the future and Indian schools must pick it up at the earliest, opined educators and innovators participating in the Education Innovation Conference 2018 here on Tuesday.

Gamification of learning is an educational approach to motivate students to study by using video-game, design and game elements in learning environments.

“By gamification, we mean to approach and motivate students by giving them points or rewards for every correct mathematics or science activity they take up, like they do while playing games which quantify their games. There will be an urge to learn and get more points,” said Vipul Redey, head, School Enablement- Khan Academy, a non-profit organisation that creates a set of online tools to help educate students.

About 15 lakh students in India are part of the Khan Academy’s project. “We have students who have earned more than a million points in our online activities, and now they love mathematics,” Redey claimed. Many schools across India have already shifted to gamifying their learning process. They are getting non-profit organisations or agencies to personalize the content for them where students can take up tests after reading. These gamified projects provide rewards like bonus points, excellence badges, and vouchers among other things.

Raghav Podar, Chairman, Podar Education Group, Mumbai, said: “Gamification is bringing back the joy of learning in classrooms. Also, it lessens the burden on students and teachers. CBSE board should also take the initiative.” Speaking on, ‘educating Gen Z in digitally powered based application-based economy’, Podar stressed the need to prepare students for jobs that will be created in future.

Shivaam Sharma, Founder, Transneuron Technologies, said: “We are more into experiential learning and gamification is a way we can help young minds develop. For every step they master in learning, we may offer food vouchers or other rewards.”