Finding success in the US market for Indian companies

Are you a successful Indian business looking to expand overseas? Are you curious about the opportunities the US market offers? Would you like to speak to experts flying in from the US and UK especially for this?

These are the questions that more than 200 companies across four cities sought to answer with EPG and market experts Avitus Group. We hosted events with 91Springboard in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Gurgaon last week.

We were joined by Frank Levene (Independent Director, EMEA, Avitus Group) and Josh Balster (Executive Vice President, Avitus Group), who both have several decades of experience in helping set up businesses in the US. Joining them were a range of banking and legal partners from across India, including HDFC Bank, Nishit Desai Associates and Lakhsmikumaran & Sridharan Attorneys , as well as our ecosystem partner iHubs Bangalore.

Among the wide range of topics discussed were the costs and time involving in setting up a business in the US, double-taxation between India and the US, how GST may impact exporters to the US, as well the cultural and business differences and risks associated with the US. Each of the sessions featured interactive Q&A sessions with our experts and provided a deep insight into doing business in the US from known practitioners.

Thanks to everyone that attended, and look forward to continuing the conversation soon.