Lockdown learning – Education apps for the entire family

Five education startups

Lockdown learning – Education apps for the entire family

“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn”, said Alvin Toffler, an American Writer and Futurist.  His words stand true in today’s highly competitive world where it is important to continuously learn, whether you are a child or a working individual. Learning through online resources is one way to achieve this. And what better time than now, while in lock down at home.  

We put together Five education apps in India that can help your entire family learn new skills – from young children, to students and adults.  

1. FliplearnDivya Lal, founder of Fliplearn, observed that while technology had transformed a range of sectors like retail, transport, payments, banking and many others, its effect on the education sector and education delivery had not been as pronounced. This thought led to the launch of Fliplearn, an online subscription-based teaching and learning portal for classes K-12. Started in November 2015, this platform collects learning indicators in real-time for students and uses machine learning to create personalised learning pathways from curated learning resources. Fliplearn is available on Android, iOS and Web.

2. Attollo: Here is another simple yet innovative technology that is helping countless parents bring words to life – Attollo’s Talking Stickers. Founded in 2014, this application uses audio-visual stickers that can talk, sing and read in any language or spoken dialect around the world. This is aimed at children aged 3-10 years old and the stickers improve language and vocabulary skills to get kids ready for the 21st century primary school. “Every child loves stickers” explains Lak Chinta, CEO and co-founder. “We used this fact to design Talking Stickers for children to improve vocabulary, spark their imagination and develop critical reasoning all very important for the 21st century.” Attollo is available on Android. 

3. Intercell – Virtual Mentor Network: Do you have a teenager at home who is confused about higher studies and career options? Or, are you looking for someone to guide you through your career? This is where Intercell comes to your rescue! Launched in 2017 by Arunabh Verma, Intercell is a platform for students and professionals to find and connect with the right mentor across 18 career fields and 250+ sub fields. It provides solution to the growing problem of lack of direction in our lives today. Intercell is available on Android, iOS and Web.  

4. CodeTantraWant to learn to code? Do not worry, we’ve got you covered. CodeTantra is an ed tech-startup founded in 2011 by Ramana Telidevara, with a pursuit to revolutionize the way technology is taught. The startup has developed a Cloud Based Automated Programming Tutor that builds coding abilities through an interactive, learn by doing methodology. This web-based platform offers automated online training of programs for programming languages like Java, Selenium 2.0, Big data + Hadoop, C , HTML & CSS.

5. Medvarsity Online LtdWith an intention to supplement and complement the formal medical education stream, Medvarsity Online was started in the year 2000, through the vision of Dr Pratap Reddy. This platform seeks to provide opportunities for doctors and other healthcare professionals to upskill themselves using technology tools and blended learning methodologies. Their learning courses combine online content with live virtual classes, infographics, and videos that impart a broader understanding of the subject to the learners. Medvarsity is available on Android and Web. 

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