Teacher Speaks 

Teacher speaks

Teacher Speaks 

To all my dear students and well-wishers, 

Our profession thrives with a motto to impart learning. We absolutely love our profession and are proud of it.  

Our day gets started when we start interacting with curious eyes and minds. The mischievous smiles, the innocent questions and also the ‘not interested’ look is what fills us with gratitude to be in the middle of this.  

We miss you. Our classes are empty. The hustle and bustle of our workplace i.e. school is dead. 

There was a time when we used to not get a minute to settle. The commotion in the corridors, the popping question banks in the class, the opening and the ending bell was like an anthem for us.  

But now, we miss that music, that chaos and the effervescent laughter while you all rushed towards your school bus in dismissal hours.  

We felt proud whenever you grabbed the concepts well and came out with shining colors in assessments. We felt worried whenever you were not able to do up to the mark and we wished we could get some more time to guide you. 

The pandemic Covid-19 stuck and the first thing to be done was to ask you to stay safe at home….and not come to school. The session was suspended for an indefinite period. Subsequently we too had to wind up our things and go home. Our livelihoods got little impacted. Along with our profession, the incoming finance was also at halt. Now…we were at the crossroads of uncertainty.  

For the first few days, we felt blessed to have some free time with family at home. Slowly routine became monotonous. Being a teacher….always a teacher.   

To our relief, the school came up with an instruction to conduct online classes. It was happy and bad news all together. We were so happy to see you all after a long time. The thought itself charged us and we were in our best possible form to restart our class soon.  

But…for the first time probably, we were not confident. With whatever system available at home we had to conduct the classes now..through a video conferencing app. Didn’t know how to reach out to you, with all those worksheets, textbook exercises. We struggled a bit. But we soon found that this may be just another opportunity to leave our traditional chalk and talk method behind and upgrade us with new teaching tools. Maybe we goofed up too in between not knowing how to explain the equation to you on screen. It was difficult to keep upright…especially while the parents were sitting very next to you. But…we tried our best.  

Children…a lot has been talked about us. Maybe we are not efficient in handling online classes. We even heard about the management now screening for ‘technologically sound’ teachers. We are trying our best to meet their expectations. We dont want to lose you. Whatever the case might be, we have enjoyed mentoring and teaching you all immensely.   

Maybe our jobs are at stake. Maybe we will not be paid salaries. Maybe we are judged on our communication, appearance and presentation skills. Maybe your parents shift you to another school in anguish of having to pay fees for April and May.   

Still…irrespective of all the circumstances, anytime you come to us, we will be happy to teach you, interact with you, mentor you with a smile.  

I hope that we see you all soon LIVE once again…in those bright open classrooms. For us, that is the normalcy.   

Till then…stay at home, be safe and keep learning new things. 

All the best! 

Vibha Gupta


Vibha Gupta 

Content Writer & Educator – ACME Learning 

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