Unlearn and Learn – Upgradation of Teacher Quality in Post-Covid World

Unlearn and Learn – Upgradation of Teacher Quality in Post-Covid World

Over 91 per cent of the world’s student population has been affected by the Covid 19 pandemic (UNESCO report) In India, more than 32 crore students have been affected by the various restrictions and the nationwide lockdown, which was imposed on 25 March 2020.

As all the educational institutions are closed, many of the teachers have started using the online teaching/assessment methods. The concept of Blended learning is gearing up and this will help the teachers to combine the online contents with the traditional class room method of teaching.

At this juncture, the students need to be taught the needed lecture/practice continuously using the online tools. This is the challenge for the faculty members as they have to unlearn the existing teaching pedagogies and learn the new teaching pedagogies to be used in the online classes. The teacher one who unlearn and learn will survive for sure and the rest of the teachers will be out-of-the box.

The need for innovation in online learning and the introduction of new teaching pedagogies will make the teacher more responsible in the career and provided platform to the teachers to prove their soft/hard skills in an innovative way.

A teacher is expected to learn and develop the following skills for effective teaching, assessment and evaluation in online classes

  • E-Content Development
  • Assessment tool designer
  • Technology for online delivery
  • Knowledge of Infographics
  • Using Multimedia in E-Content
  • Evaluation tools

The Education Sector in the country is on a paradigm shift, redefining the role of teachers and thus opening a new dimension for the teachers.


Prof. Saravanan Venkataraman

Prof. Saravanan Venkataraman







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