Is Brexit happening? Setting up a Netherlands base post-Brexit

Netherlands Post Brexit

Is Brexit happening? Setting up a Netherlands base post-Brexit

In a sign of growing anxiety in Britain about the prospect of a no-deal departure from the EU, many companies are moving to the Netherlands to avoid the disturbances being caused by Brexit. Headlines like these are becoming more common:

Brexit: Netherlands talking to 250 firms about leaving UKDutch government says it has already gained 1,900 jobs from Britain in bid for Brexit spoils | The Guardian, 9 Feb 2019

Hundreds of British firms in talks to move to Netherlands | The Times, 26 Aug 2019

British investments in Netherlands soar four-fold ahead of Brexit | Reuters, 9 Sep 2019

Economic growth in the Netherlands is higher than Britain, unemployment is at historic lows, spending power is up due to increases in real wages. Generous R&D tax credits, patent box incentives and availability of a talented labour poor mean you should be considering Netherlands as your European base post-Brexit.

The seminar saw around 40 companies attend, who heard about how they can have a European base post-Brexit by avoiding bureaucracy. The major key points included:

  • Sharon Mullen, from Rotterdam Partners, spoke of its strategic location for business growth, international business climate, a beneficial tax system and ease of doing business, and a competitive workforce
  • Rajesh Dash, Director of Innovation at ING, talked about the innovation ecosystem in the country, and what makes it an excellent place to do business
  • Dennis Vermuelen, Founder and CEO of INCO Business Group, focused on Company Formation (a Dutch company can be set up in a matter of days, including translations and legalization, giving you piece of mind) and Company Services (Maintaining your Dutch company with the help of a Company Secretary, including bookkeeping, guidance in opening a bank account and obtaining a VAT number is relative straightforward)

This event was organized by EPG and INCO Business Group, whose goal it is to provide ambitious entrepreneurs a smooth landing in the Netherlands.

This will be the first of many such events to help British companies explore foreign markets. We work extensively in the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, East Africa and India. EPG has offices in the UK, India and Uganda (East Africa).

Find out more about future such events, or get in touch to co-organise an event with us, by chatting with us (on the bottom-right of this screen).

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