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Strategic Communications

Government engagement and regulations can directly impact the ability of a business to expand. We provide effective advocacy, consistent engagement and broad-based stakeholder management in order to shape conversations.


We help our clients anticipate and react to the changing policy landscape. We do this through coalition building, public affairs, policy research and government outreach.

Our services include

  • Advocacy: We create and execute bespoke communications strategies to inform audiences, challenge perceptions, mobilise existing and new allies and spark change.
  • Thought leadership: Communicating your story through high-quality reports can help navigate reputational challenges, engage and mobilise audiences.
  • Digital communications: We enhance your brand through impactful and targeted messaging through social media, influencers and web development.
  • Brand strategy and positioning: Communicating your story in the right way through branding, content development and rich media, from drawing board to full execution.
EPG strategic communications

Engaging diverse stakeholders

Just as each project is unique, so are its stakeholders. To engage with, and influence, this diverse community the traditional approach to communications and other ‘one size fits all’ strategies need to be replaced.

We will help define structured but flexible approach to identifying and engaging a stakeholders throughout the lifecycle of the project.


29 Oct 2022
web3 global survey aimed at young women and parents

As the online world evolves, the barriers to entry today on web3 are access, appeal and understanding. EPG are pleased to be launching a global survey aimed at (a) young women 16-24 years old and (b) parents/caregivers around the world to understand knowledge gaps in the web3 world. We would like to analyse how that […]

14 Sep 2021
How to stop the spread of conspiracy theories and build societal resilience against fake news

The pandemic and associated lockdowns have given rise to an acceleration in ‘fake news’ around the world over the last year. The phenomenon of mis- and disinformation takes root, evolves and proliferates and can cause real world harm. In this blog post, Pratik Dattani, of consulting group Economic Policy Group, delves deeper into how public paranoia helps […]

13 Mar 2019
Making Britain great again: Shared values made my generation proud, Brexit is a huge distraction

At a conference in Bengaluru recently, i explained to a confused fellow delegate the difference between England, Great Britain, the United Kingdom and British Isles. We were talking about what Brexit meant, and my clarification of these different monikers inadvertently reinforced my point: the country is going through an extended identity crisis. For the sake […]


29 Jul 2017
Contribution of Asian businesses to the London economy

This report assesses and quantifies the Asian business contribution to London, making it the definitive go-to document for policy makers.