How a Global Pandemic underscores the importance of the Liberal Arts

The future of the world stands at a crossroads. The global pandemic of Coronavirus has sent shock waves, not only across every sector, including Universities and Colleges, but also across the world. In order to analyse the ongoing turmoil, we need to look more carefully – with…

Torchlight on girls’ situation in India under the pandemic 
Torchlight on girls’ situation in India under the pandemic 

  Only 1 out of every 100 girls enrolled in grade 1 reaches grade 12 in rural areas. India is home to the highest number of child brides. 56.26% of adolescent girls in India are not lettered. Between ages 15-24 years, only about 56% of…

bioConclave 2019 : AI is disrupting healthcare in India

BANGALORE, 15 October: The inaugural bioConclave event in India saw more than 150 delegates from the top hospitals, medtechs, medical associations and government gather in Bangalore to discuss how Indian healthcare can leapfrog in quality, access and affordability, with the use of new technologies and greater…

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