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Second annual Corporate Legal Innovators concludes

The second annual Corporate Legal Innovators conference concluded last week at London South Bank University. Thanks to everyone that attended the 2016 edition and our sponsors, Halebury, Wolters Kluwer (ELM Solutions), Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas - advocates & solicitors, NaviStarLegal, Khaitan Legal Associates - Indian Advocates,…

Skills for the millennial lawyer

Denise Nurse is a NewLaw pioneer and has been spearheading operational, structural and cultural change within the legal services industry since starting Halebury in 2007. She will be taking part in a panel discussion on “Building the Legal Team of the Future” at the Corporate Legal…

Corporate Legal
Re-shaping the role of the General Counsel

What are the ethical challenges facing General Counsels nowadays? What are the new solutions which drive business through in-house legal teams? How do they deal with all stakeholders whilst presenting a positive image to the consumers? These are the questions Sergio Marini, General Counsel of…

Corporate Legal Innovators 2015 flyer image
Corporate Legal Innovations 2015 concludes

Thanks to everyone that attended the Corporate Legal Innovators 2015 conference over the last couple of days. We had some great conversations, and stimulating discussions. You can find out more about the conference here. We will see you all again next year! In the meantime,…


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