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The financial markets revolution
Breakfast Briefing: The financial markets revolution in India

Within a decade, GIFT City in India will be a location where the price of some of the largest internationally traded products will be decided. That was the vision, set by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, outlined in a special Breakfast Briefing organised by financial…

EPG has taken steps to extend co-operation with EDUGILD

Start-up EDUGILD and Economic Policy Group (EPG) London have agreed on a  joint effort to intensify their cooperation on scaling up Edtech startups from India to Europe. This platform will not only formalise regular discussions between EDUGILD and EPG on the design and implementation of start-up programmes in…

How to manage the risk of entering an unknown territory

Thinking about customer’s end-to-end experience, and engaging in a multi-step discovery process before locking into decisions may be difficult and expensive to change later on. You may already know the answers to some of the questions in business planning: you may already be trading /…


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