Krisha Mutta

Krisha Mutta

Design Lead


Krisha is an experienced UI and graphic designer, blessed with a vivid imagination and skilled with the Adobe set of software. She intends to solve problems by creating good usable solutions in the long run both in the living and digital worlds. She is interested in the trends and how they implement themselves in our everyday lives. her motivation is being helpful and a part of the growing world, with a keen interest in Human Psychology, Design Thinking, and The Digital World and its vast opportunities.


15 May 2023
India Week 2023 concludes with over 900 attendees, including ministers, central bankers and business leaders from six countries
More than 100 business and policy leaders travelled from across India to attend EPG’s inaugural India Week last week, and another 800 participants from across the UK, Europe and the US. Global advisory firm EPG organised India Week to create a global conversation around India’s increased importance in the world economy. Now the most populous [...]