Vishnu Dokaniya

Cleantech, Finance, Startups and Technology

Practice Area:

Market Entry Advisory, Trade and Investment Promotion, Economic Analysis

Vishnu Dokaniya

Senior Manager - Finance


Chartered accountant with more than 20 years of experience in accounting, including as a Partner at a leading accountancy firm in Bangalore for nine years. Before that, Vishnu was a senior analyst at Infosys, a fund administrator at HSBC and an accountant at Reliance Group. Certifications in forensic accounting and fraud detection, audit of banks, and treasury and risk management.


16 Apr 2018
Breakfast Briefing: The financial markets revolution in India

Within a decade, GIFT City in India will be a location where the price of some of the largest internationally traded products will be decided. That was the vision, set by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, outlined in a special Breakfast Briefing organised by financial services consultancy Arjun Global and market entry specialists EPG. This […]