Vishnu Dokaniya

Cleantech, Finance, Startups and Technology

Practice Area:

Market Entry Advisory, Trade and Investment Promotion, Economic Analysis

Vishnu Dokaniya

Senior Manager - Finance


Chartered accountant with more than 20 years of experience in accounting, including as a Partner at a leading accountancy firm in Bangalore for nine years. Before that, Vishnu was a senior analyst at Infosys, a fund administrator at HSBC and an accountant at Reliance Group. Certifications in forensic accounting and fraud detection, audit of banks, and treasury and risk management.


15 May 2023
India Week 2023 concludes with over 900 attendees, including ministers, central bankers and business leaders from six countries
More than 100 business and policy leaders travelled from across India to attend EPG’s inaugural India Week last week, and another 800 participants from across the UK, Europe and the US. Global advisory firm EPG organised India Week to create a global conversation around India’s increased importance in the world economy. Now the most populous [...]
16 Apr 2018
Breakfast Briefing: The financial markets revolution in India

Within a decade, GIFT City in India will be a location where the price of some of the largest internationally traded products will be decided. That was the vision, set by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, outlined in a special Breakfast Briefing organised by financial services consultancy Arjun Global and market entry specialists EPG. This […]