Welcome to EIC Digital Series – Raising the Bar in Education.

We have created a webinar series for curious minds and lifelong learners. The aim is to bring the wisdom of high-profile educators to a wider education community. Academic and influencers will speak for 20 minutes on topics of key interest to education professionals that will help raise the bar on the quality of conversation. At the end of the talk, they will take questions from the audience.

The EIC Monthly Webinar

Teaching through the Covid-19: May (Date to be announced)

This will present insights into how teachers and teacher educators are coping with the impact of Covid 19 pandemic on teaching and learning. We will explore what teachers’ experiences have been and what ministries of education have done to support remote teaching and learning. We will present resources and ideas which will help you support your learners remotely and also help you manage the return to learning in school.

-The EIC Monthly Webinar – June
-The EIC Monthly Webinar – July
-The EIC Monthly Webinar – August

If you have ideas for webinars, please email them to aashish@economicpolicygroup.com